Ear Saver Silicone Mask Strap

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  • Choose your color- Black, White, or Pink
  • Flexible silicone design
  • Compact and durable 
  • Easy to use

    Wearing this ear saver mask strap will make you feel comfortable and relieve the pressure of your ear from long-term wearing of the mask. 

    Three Adjustable Levels: 

    Please put the ear saver mask strap on the two sides of your face mask, and adjust the 3 levels according to your need.  Small but practical, super easy and convenient to wear. 

    Compatible with Most Face masks: 

    The ear saver mask strap is compatible with most of the face masks currently on the market: N95, 3-ply masks, dust masks, etc. 

    Made in China

    For bulk orders or if you are a hospital/ first responder, please email service@sealface.com